COUNTRY COOL is a straight-shootin’, no-holds-barred comedy show that laughs at what we’re all dealin’ with…the “this can’t really be happening” moments in life that make us feel like we’re losing our minds, one traffic jam at a time. Trish Suhr, Karen Mills and Leanne Morgan, all headlining comedians, have southern roots but are well-traveled, diverse, razor sharp and savvy. Their no-nonsense approach “tells it like it is” but, of course, with charm and style.  It’s not redneck; it’s not white trash -- these girls are country cool!  It’s comedy for the masses, because, let’s face it, everybody’s got a little country in ‘em. These three women have been friends for more than a decade and have stood in it, walked through it and come out the other side laughing. Whether it’s overcoming cancer, the loss of a beloved pet or talking each other down from the hormonal ledge, they continue to find the humor in everything life dishes out.



Trish SuhR

Emmy® Award winner Trish Suhr, a native of Kentucky now living in Los Angeles, puts a modern spin on keeping it real. The star of Style Network’s long running Clean House, she uses her southern sensibilities to navigate the big city and knows what it takes to stay in the game...spin classes, clean eating and Spanx!  According to Trish, when the Spanx come off, it’s like opening a can of biscuits.

Trish’s “sass and bourbon” approach to life has landed her on top television shows including Good Morning America, The New Ricki Lake Show, The Marie Osmond Show, Good Day LA, Good Day NY, as well as on a variety of programs for CMT, VH1, E!, Style Network and Lifetime Networks.

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LeannE Morgan

Chosen by ABC’s The View as one of “the most hilarious housewives,” Leanne Morgan exudes southern charm. She is a naturally funny storyteller who gives an honest look at suburban life and the challenges of keeping her husband happy while juggling kids, dogs and cheerleading camp -- while, at the same time, racing to get her hair highlighted, have a colonoscopy and join Weight Watchers for the seventh time! Leanne will take you on a hilarious walk through motherhood and beyond as she finds comedy amidst the chaos. Leanne’s funny but honest point of view has earned her spots on The Dr. Phil Show as part of his “advice panel.” She’s also worked with Paula Dean both live in theaters as well as numerous appearances on her cooking shows. Leanne was a finalist on Nick at Nite’s Funniest Mom in America and is heard regularly on Sirius XM. She also has her own show on Blue Collar Radio called Chewing the Fat.


Karen Mills

Karen Mills has a straight-forward approach to the realities of life. Her smart, funny and keen observations will keep you laughing at yourself as you relate to her experiences. Even ovarian cancer couldn’t stop Karen from turning pain into punchlines. Now cancer free, Karen brings a fast paced comedy style that both men and women love. Karen has been a nationally touring comedian for 22 years. She’s worked clubs, colleges and theaters across the country and can be heard daily on SiriusXM Blue Collar Radio, Laugh USA, iHeart Radio and Pandora. Additionally, her stand up has been seen on FOX, ABC & GACtv. Standing at only 5’2”, Karen was a division 1, first team All-American basketball player at UT-Chattanooga and was the first women inducted into their basketball hall of fame.


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